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Terms and Conditions

This use agreement and privacy of use, terms and conditions, and all policies that have been published on our e-marketing organization have been developed to protect and preserve the rights of (our e-marketing organization) user who uses the website). As a user, you agree to be bound by all provisions of this Agreement in the event of Your use of the site or in the event of access to it or in the case of registration in the service.

Terms of Use

As a second party to this agreement, by agreeing to benefit from the site's services, you must abide by the following:

  • Not to advertise or download content or items inappropriate to the categories available on the site and allowed for sale. You should review the terms of advertising and prohibited goods
  • Not to breach or circumvent the site's laws, policies and regulations or any third party rights.
  • Do not copy the advertisement from our e-marketing organization and republish it on other sites.
  • Don't use any illegal means to access ads or other users' data or violate our policy The rights of our organization for electronic marketing, access to the content of the site, or the collection and collection of information and data about Our site and the site's customers and benefit from it in any way or republish it.
  • Do not use our Services if you are not legally qualified to complete this Agreement. For example you are under 18 year or that you are temporarily or permanently banned from using the site.
  • Not to manipulate the prices of goods, whether in buying or selling, and to harm other users.
  • Not to post false, inaccurate, misleading, deceptive, defamatory, or defamatory advertisements or comments.
  • Not to be exposed to international policies, sovereigns, esteemed personalities, or any discussions not related to the sale and legitimate purchase in our e-marketing organization.
  • Not to transfer your account or activity to other sites while carrying the organization's logo or services.
  • Not to infringe copyright, trademark, patent, advertising, database or و Other proprietary or intellectual rights belonging to our e-marketing organization or licensed to our e-marketing organization.
  • Do not infringe others' property, intellectual or patent rights.
  • Not to do anything that would harm the reputation of our e-marketing organization.
  • Not to impersonate our e-marketing organization, representative, employee, or any other characteristic that suggests that you are Affiliate with the Foundation unless you have official permission from the Foundation.
  • The use of this service by any non-human user is prohibited, with the exception of non-human users Affiliates of the following companies only:
Your non-compliance with these conditions gives our e-marketing organization the full right to block your membership and prevent you from Access to the site without the need to notify you, and here you pledge not to return to using the site until after the site's approval on it.

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